The Taunus Nature Park – called the Hochtaunus Nature Park until December 2012

Starts just external the doors of the Rhine-Principal area, only 30 kilometers north-west of Frankfurt am Primary. The Taunus Nature Park is Hesse’s second biggest nature park with an area of around 1,348 square kilometers and stretches from the Principal to the Lahn. It incorporates the Hoher Taunus with the Großer Feldberg, at around 880 meters the most elevated mountain in the Taunus, and it brings more than 1,200 kilometers of climbing trails to the table.

At the point when the Hochtaunuskreis was established in 1867, the areas of Hesse-Nassau, Kurhessen and Frankfurt am Primary tumbled to Prussia. In 1972 there was a local change all through Hesse and the Hochtaunus region was upgraded. What used to be 57 towns and networks became 13 provincial specialists. The more modest networks were integrated. The pattern towards the field brought the Taunus districts a critical expansion in occupants and subsequently in expenses and buying power for neighborhood retail and administration organizations. Person on foot zones and it were made to shop arcades. This empowered numerous clients who had made their buys at work in Frankfurt am Fundamental to be won back

The Taunus as a component of the Rhenish Record Mountains is a low mountain range scene described by loads of woods, bright southern slants and profound valleys, in which you can visit many sights. The Hochtaunuskreis has numerous regular delights and normal landmarks. Palaces and royal residences describe the scene as well as Celtic and Roman strongholds from verifiable times. Notwithstanding the galleries and deer parks, there is a great many far-reaching developments all over.

Hessenpark outside exhibition hall

The Hessenpark outside exhibition hall is situated in Neu-Anspach and is a well-known objective for sightseers, particularly for school classes and families. An exhibition hall assortment of structures have been wrecked somewhere else and remade here. The guest will track down some half-wooded houses from everywhere Hesse, yet additionally two windmills from northern Germany and numerous other verifiable structures – presently in excess of 100 in number. The structures can likewise be visited from within and you can perceive how individuals used to live and function. The houses were typically thin and had steep flights of stairs with high advances and low roofs. These days you can track down outside steps with various widths, regardless of railings and quantities of steps from a couple 2 up to 16 stages at treppen-vision.deinform which flight of stairs is generally reasonable for the structure.


A social feature is the Saalburg. It is considered the just revamped Roman post on the planet. The antiquated military camp had space for around 600 officers who observed and extended the Limes. The Limes and the Saalburg have been important for the UNESCO World Legacy beginning around 2005

Incredible Feldberg

Only a couple of kilometers away is the Großer Feldberg, the most elevated mountain in the Taunus at around 880 meters. In all seasons it is a well-known objective for explorers, motorcyclists, cyclists and winter sports lovers from the whole Rhine-Principal region and then some.

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